HK Korean Culture Research Group


Established in 2007, the HK Korean Culture Research Group (KCRG) studies Korean culture from early modern times to the present from the methodological perspective of cultural dynamics. Cultural dynamics is a stereoscopic and open methodology focused on the logic of societal change, which seeks to understand the complexity and evolution of Korean culture and to predict its future. The HK KCRG strives to enhance its status in the academic humanities community by continuously building a respected research team with world-class capabilities and a supportive research environment and infrastructure.

Members (organization and structure)

Research Director Hyungdae Lee (Classical Korean Literature)
Researchers Nae-hyun Kwon (History of Late Joseon Period), Boduerae Kwon (Modern Korean Literature), Kee Hyung Kim (Korean Folklore), Daejae Park (Ancient History), Hyok Key Song (Chinese Literary Criticism), Hyungdae Lee (Classical Korean Literature), Dae-Yop Cho (Political Sociology), and Kwi-muk Choi (Classical Comparative Literature)
HK Professors Sangsoon Kang (Classical Korean Literature), Jinwoong Kang (North Korean Society and Culture) Moonyong Kim (Korean Philosophy), Seonmin Kim (History of Korean-Chinese Relations), Kyeong Nam Park (Chinese Literature and Philology), Jong Chun Park (Culture of Joseon Dynasty), Hunho Park (Modern and Contemporary Literature), Ingyu Oh (Hallyu), Do-Gil Lee (Computer Science), and Byung Wook Jung (Korean Modern History)
HK Research
Young Ran Koh (Comparative Cultural Studies of Korea and Japan), Ilhwan Kim (Korean Linguistics), Jung Han Kim (Political Philosophy), Jong Woo Park (Korean Classical Literature), Suk-man Bae (Modern Economic History of Korea), Kwang Hun Jung (Traditional Chinese Literature), Tae-Won Jin (Western Philosophy), and Dongyun Ham (Modern Literary Criticism)

Research Projects

Current: Digital Humanities (Trends 21), Korean Democracy in the Near Future, Post-Colonialism, and Colonial Cold War Culture (Peace Culture)

Past: The Knowledge and Intellectual Reproduction System in the Joseon Dynasty, The Cultural History of the Marginal and of Heresy, Personal Tradition and Modernity, The System of Representation of Korean Films and the Mechanics of Media, Cultural Politics and East Asian Influence in Colonial Theaters, The Social History of Korea from a Modern Perspective, Oriental Classics and Business Ethics, Chinese Civilization and Korea: the Ming and Joseon Dynasties, and the Social Perspective of Religious Education

Research Institute of Korean Studies (RIKS), Korea University
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