Culture Academy


The Culture Academy at the Research Institute of Korean Studies (RIKS) was established to attract people to the humanities by sharing the research achievements of this field with society. The Culture Academy strives to contribute to communication and exchange between the humanities disciplines through a variety of humanities and language courses and workshop programs jointly offered by our researchers and relevant organizations and local communities. For example, various humanities courses are offered by the Culture Academy through the Seoul Citizen College and Citizen School programs, which are jointly run with the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seongbuk-gu local government. In addition, the Culture Academy offers an Instrumental Language course. Finally, it offers its Top Leader course at the Korea University Graduate School of Policy Studies.


Director Jihye Ko(Modern Korean Literature)
Learning Manager Eunsuk Kim
Assistant Researchers Jeongan Lee (Modern Korean Literature)

Major Activities

Planning, operation, and management of Seoul Citizen College programs, Seongbuk-gu Citizen School programs, the Instrumental Language Course, the Top Leader Course at the KU Graduate School of Policy Studies, and other Culture Academy courses.

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